Throughout time, the stone age was the beginning of human history where mankind started creating tools to help aid in fighting for survival. An axe and also known as a hatchet is one of the oldest tools to be created by our ancestors. They would make sharp cutting tools out of pieces of stone that were shaped into a weapon for fighting and hunting.

In modern times, the best survival axe are now multi-functional and include useful utilities. Survival hatches come in varies shapes and sizes depending on one's needs. Now, these axes have other survival gear as apart of their arsenals such as a fire starting kit or hammer.

Although these remarkable tools have changed throughout the years, they still serve the same purpose; to aid in survival. An emergency kit without a multi tool survival axe will make you less versatile and effective in times of need.

Here at Survival Techie, we present you with a list of the best survival axes that you can depend on during an emergency.

Top Survival Hatchet Multi Tool in 2021

Product Name



Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Survival Axe


SOG Survival Hawk Multi-tool Survival Axe


Gerber Downrange Tomahawk


Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet


Estwing Sportsman's Axe


SOG FastHawk


Schrade SCAXE2


SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3


1. Fiskars 378501-1002 X7

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

The Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 is what you would want in a multi tool survival axe; coming in at 14 inches and 1 lb. 6 ounces. This hatchet has a sleek and clean look but with the ability to chop down a small tree. The blade may look small compared to the body; I guarantee you that the high carbon steel can endure a lot of chopping before it needs to be sharpened.

The handle is FiberComp, meaning that it will minimize the shock with every strike you take. The rubber material on the handle will absorb the shock, making it easier on your wrist. When equipped with padded gloves, you will feel close to no impact.

The weight distribution on this Fiskars X7 feels amazing even though its 14-inches. It's just an overall well-designed knife by Fiskar in terms of material, size, weight, sleek look, and the price is easily a winner for me. This is a tactical axe that can endure all types of punishment you can give. 


  • Very sharp and sturdy
  • Sleek straight handle
  • Impact-absorbent 


  • Bright handle isn't tacti-cool

2. SOG Survival Hawk Multi-Tool F01TN-CP

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

This SOG Survival Tomahawk axe is a light, but heavy-duty multi-tool beast. It is made specifically for helping you do more than just swinging and chopping. This survival hatchet comes with a fire starter that way it is easily accessible after you slice up some wood. There is no need to look in your survival kit for a fire starter kit when you have one right there.

The handle is equipped with glass reinforced nylon and paracord for a sturdy grip. The stainless steel body makes this survival axe multi tool very durable and the perfect choice to bring for adventures.

The SOG Survival Tomahawk is much more than just that; the weight distribution makes it very easy to throw with precise accuracy. The drilled head makes it effective and efficient for all types of situations; such as blunt strikes or a flaw pulling during a disaster.

This versatile multi purpose hatchet beast makes it an easy choice to bring with you for hiking, camping, and survival. It comes with a sheath; making it easily accessible if you attach it to the side of your survival bug out bag or even on your persons. SOG is a highly trusted company that manufactures durable and strong tools for the average person.


  • Handle is very strong and easy to grip
  • Multi-functional for camping, hiking, and survival
  • Very Tacticool with its black no reflective oxide coat


  • Sheath could've been thicker
  • Needs to be sharpened out the box

3. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk 30-000715

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk just looks very tacti-cool and an operator's dream multi-tool survival axe. This is compact and adaptive; with its three-headed tools. It is the perfect multi tool survival for emergencies; there is an carbon steel axe head, hammerhead, and pry bar.

Many say this is the perfect breach tool for oversea and they're not wrong. The word downrange is mainly used to describe when soldiers are deployed overseas into a combat zone. I know this is what I would want to carry with me at all times.

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk just looks intimidating itself; with a 420HC steel body that will not bend or break. The handle has desert tan G-10 scales for an easy grip even if you have tactical gloves on. A small detail but also my favorite part is the hard sheath; nothing is more satisfying than when it clicks into place.

It is also MOLLE compatible meaning you can attach it to your survival backpack or on you with easy access at all times. Gerber created this Downrange Tomahawk just for its multi purpose functions, so it has what you need making the weight perfect.  If this serves most of the downrange needs; it is perfect for anybody to use for camping or survival.


  • Super sharp and the sheath is AMAZING
  • Design is simple and multi-functional
  • Axe head and handle material is superb


  • Too tacticool
  • Intimdating

4. Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002070

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet is compact and easily portable. It is built with a 3.5" blade for swift and precise swings. The handle has a full tang and high carbon steel for a powerful swing.

You will never lose your grip and it's easy on the wrist since it absorbs impact. This is made for all-weather and terrains; the grip makes it almost impossible to slip. This camp axe multi tool only weighs a little over 1lb; which is ideal to maneuver around with.

This survival hatchet is Bear Grylls approved and has been tested in the wild. For those who do not know who Bear Grylls is; he is a British adventurer in the show Man Vs. Wild. Better yet; he was a lieutenant-colonel in the SAS which is British special forces and a survival instructor. What more do I need to say? This compact hatchet is perfect for its size and durability.


  • Well-built and very study
  • Compact size with lightweight
  • Overall 5/5 for it's size


  • Simple and single function
  • Great for chopping but not wood splitting

5. Estwing Sportsman's Axe

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The Estwing Sportsman's Axe has a tradition and unique look that may seem odd. It is forced from 1055 carbon steel and E24A handle; making it near invincible.

Being forged in one piece makes this extremely durable and long-lasting. The genuine leather grip also makes it easy for chopping because of all the reduced impact. 

This USA made survival hatchet is one of a kind; it looks classy but can also do an immense amount of damage. Weighing in at almost 2 pounds and 14 inches. This can be easily used as a survival axe due to how durable and compact it is.


  • Strong durable material
  • Forged in one piece
  • Heavy-duty sheath


  • Seems old school
  • Shiny coating

6. SOG FastHawk Throwing Axe F06PN-CP

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The SOG Fasthawk comes in two appealing colors, hard-cased black and satin polished. This SOG can be used as a chopping axe or competition throwing tomahawk. You may think that you can do this with all axes. That may be true, but this survival axe is designed specifically for throwing.

Coming in at 12.5 inches and 19 ounces with razor-sharp ends. They are built for fast swinging and precision. The glass-reinforced nylon handle makes sure the axe never leaves your hand unless it's intended to. 

The Fasthawk is something you can add to your tomahawk throwing arsenal. It fits perfectly in the average hand and comes with an easily accessible sheath. With the right amount of practice on this survival hatchet; this competition build Fasthawk will be precise and deadly. This product includes a warranty for repairs and replacements as well!


  • Well balanced with durable handles
  • Both ends are very sharp
  • Competition made tomahawk


  • Sheath is not that durable
  • Could be a little bigger

7. Schrade SCAXE2

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The Schrade SCAXE2 is 11.8 inches and one pound, making this a compact survival axe. The made is made from 3Cr13 titanium and durable cold resistance handle. There are groves for you fingers which make it very comfortable to hold.

This camping axe has a very simple shape and only has one main function; to deliver powerful strikes. The axe head is very durable, making it easy to split wood and a hammer on the back for evening the edges.

Although this survival multi tool hatchet looks too simple; you will never know until you feel it in your hands. It just feels very firm and durable. It is not too small or too light; I prefer having a well-weighted axe because it gives me confidence with every swing or hammering I need done.


  • Compact and durable material
  • Cold resistance handle
  • "Feels" right in your hand


  • "Boring" axe
  • Not very functional

8. SOG Tomahawk TH1001-CP

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The SOG Tomahawk comes in a pack of three, yes a pack of three. Three stainless steel, hard-cased black with full-tang throwing hatches and tomahawks that come in razor sharp and ready for throwing. The weight is evenly distributed throughout making it very well balanced.

They can be used for entertainment and serious situations. SOG made sure to include three because what if you miss one? Now you still have two more ties!

With all jokes aside, the SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3 comes in very handy for multiple situations. Due to its compact and lightweight features, you can easily store the three axes into your survival bug-out bagpack. Not everybody is as prepared as you are; now you can split up the work if you need to collect wood for shelter or find yourself outnumbered. Always be prepared for the worst.


  • Precise balanced for throwing
  • Compact and well built
  • Full-tang with stainless steel
  • Comes in THREE


  • One sheath for three axes
  • Thin handles

Buying Guide For Survival Axes & Hatchets

A survival axes is great for outdoor or camping adventures when you need to split wood for shelter or build a fire. It's a versatile tool that can be used to make strenuous tasks seem like an ease.

There are axes that also feature multi-tool options that are useful in the wilderness. These are some feature's to look for when researching survival axes and hatchets.

Intended Use

When picking out a survival axe or survival hatchet, you have to ask yourself, am I using this axe for chopping or multi-tool purposes. If you plan on cutting down thick trees, an axe would the best option because it has a longer handle which will give you more power in each swing.

Survival hatches are often used by one hand and includes other survival tools like fire starters and or crowbar.

Blade Shape

The is a vast variety of axe heads that are named after locations, but it's important to pick one with a sharp and pointy blade. The thinner the blade, the easier it will penetrate and split wood.

High quality carbon steel head will also provide you with more durability 

Handle Length/Handle Material

Axe handle's are typically made wood that consist of hickory or ash because of how durable and reliable they are, even after hundreds of swing.

However, there are also tactical options such as high quality carbon steel and fiberglass which handles the environment and elements better than a wooden handle. These type of axe handles use a rubber wrap like TPR handle which are shock absorbing to mitigate any joint problems.

Size and Weight

Find an axe that is comfortable for you to carry and swing without using too much energy. An axe that is too heavy will tire you out, and be difficult to backpack with. With that being said, the average weight for an axe is 7 pounds and a length of 20 inches.

Extra Features

The best part of any survival tool is the extra features it comes with. Even if you might never use these multi-tool axe feature, it's great to have in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Axes & Hatchets

What is the difference between an axe and a hatchet?

The main difference between an axe and a hatchet is the size and intent for these survival tools. They are both meant for splitting wood, but a hatchet is more compact and easier to use with one hand. Axes come in a variety of sizes and is typically swung with two hands.

Is a survival axe good for splitting wood?

A survival axe is great for splitting wood. The axe head is designed to break and chunk parts of a tree with ease. It's shaped in a form of a wedge to reduce the amount of energy spent and impact needed to split wood.

How heavy should an axe be?

The average weight of an axe is 5 to 7 pounds since it's supposed to be use with two hands and a hatchet should weight around 1.5 to 2 pounds to be compact enough to be used with one hand.

Bottom Line

There are so many great options to pick from, but how do we determine our winner? We all know that a survival axe should be multi-functional, strong, compact, durable, and dependable. After all our research and trying these axes out; we decided to go with the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk.

We believe that it is thought out perfectly with military personnel in mind. This is built for those who have one choice to pick from and depend on under stressful conditions.

This Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is easy to carry with and without a sheath. Like I said before, this is my favorite type of sheath with the satisfying click-in, when it's locked in place. Most multi-tool survival axes do not have a pry bar, and you have no idea how handy that comes in no matter the situation. It is a bit on the expensive side, but there is no value you can put on safety.