A saw itself is already an amazing tool, but how can you upgrade from that? Easy, a survival folding saw will give you the same functions and features, but also small enough to fit inside your pocket.

The best survival folding saw are compact and versatile for cutting through wood, bushes, and pretty much anything you need. These types of saws are a great choice for doing heavy-duty work outdoors. They're a better alternative for slicing through thick ropes and branches than a knife would due to the teeth on the blade.

However, as you know, not all folding hand saws are the same. With some research, you will know that there are different types of folding saw teethes such as a coarse blade or a fine toothed blade; depending on the type of material you are working on.

The most important factors for the best survival folding saw include TPI (teeth per inch) on the blade, as well as the material of the saw itself. With extensive research, we have compiled our list of the top folding hand saws for you below:

Top Folding Hand Saws in 2021

Product Name



Corona RS 7245 Razor Tooth Folding Saw


Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw


SOG Folding Saw


GOMBOY Professional Folding Saw


Ultra Accel Folding Hand Saw


FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw


MOSSY OAK Folding Hand Saw


Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Saw


1. Corona RS 7245 Razor Tooth Folding Saw

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

The Corona RS 7245 Razor Tooth Folding Saw comes with a 7-inch curved blade. The three-sided blade is made of high carbon Japanese SK5 steel with up to 6 teeth per inch. The weight of the saw is approximately 10 oz.

I primarily used this survival folding saw to cut down branches and firewood. It held up for around a year before the blade started to dull. However, the blade can be sharpened if needed. The teeth on the blade are sharp so be aware of it getting caught with your belongings.

The saw does have a nice and sturdy pistol grip to prevent any slippage. The locking mechanism on this survival saw is also quite efficient with it being easy to lock and unlock.

Regardless, even with the blade closed, there is a small gap that leaves a part of the blade exposed. Overall, I would only recommend this product to anyone who wants to use it for cutting wood less than three inches in diameter, otherwise, the blade will dull out prematurely.


  • Strong and durable material
  • Prevented corrosion
  • Super sharp saw blade


  • Cannot adjust clip

2. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw comes with a 7.5-inch blade that is non-rusting. The blade has seven teeth per inch. The saw also comes with a two-component plastic handle and leather strap.

This survival folding saw is great to use for those who love the outdoors. I have used this saw on all my camping trips and have held up ever since. The saw is very sharp and can cut wood fast.

The two-component plastic handle grip is not the most comfortable on the hand but it is bearable. This product does come with spare blades for those who need a replacement. With the many uses I have gotten out of the saw, I only needed to replace the blade once.


Another great feature this folding hand saw has is its safety lock that can be operated in both the open and closed positions. This safety feature is key considering the blade is very sharp.

Everything considered, we would recommend those who are considering purchasing this survival saw to do so. It serves a lot of purposes and can be used on almost any material.


  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple ways to pocket clip
  • Durable and affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Need sharpening after prolonged use

3. SOG Folding Saw

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

The SOG Folding Saw comes with a 7.5-inch blade. The saw blade is made of high carbon steel. The saw is 17.25 inches in total length and weights 9.2 oz.

The compact folding saw is ideal for camping. It cuts effortlessly into almost any size branch. The black sheath that it comes with makes the saw easily portable and does not wear and tear even after continuous use.

The thermoplastic rubber handle makes the saw sturdy and slip-resistant. I have carried this survival saw with me on my many excursions outdoors and the blade remains sharp. The rust-resistant blade is on the thinner end and is replaceable if bent.

Unfortunately, some of the blades did end up bending after several uses. Aside from a somewhat flimsy blade, the locking mechanism is nice with it locking both in the closed and open position.

The locking feature is a nice addition but I would prefer the lock to be placed elsewhere since I have accidentally injured myself due to the placement of the lock. All in all, only consider purchasing this saw if you do not mind replacing the blades every so often.


  • Heavy duty, build to last
  • Compact when folded
  • Very sharp blade out the box


  • Only one color option
  • Has police engraved on the blade

4. GOMBOY Professional Folding Saw

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The GOMBOY 240mm Medium teeth saw comes with a 9.5-inch blade with 8.5 teeth per inch. The saw is recognized for its Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology.

This saw is intended for many purposes but based on the nature of the design, the saw is best used for gardening work. Designed with its smooth cutting technology in Japan, the blades of the saw can easily cut through wet and dry wood. Unlike other saws on the market, this saw utilizes the silky MIRAI-ME technology which allows the user to retain energy when cutting through wood; no extra pressure would need to be applied when using.

Some, like myself, would even describe the experience when using the saw like that of cutting through butter. It also comes with a bulky clear plastic case so it can make the portability of the saw impractical.

This is somewhat of an investment piece considering the hefty price tag. With that said, this is a product worthy of buying if you want to try out the technology behind it. Otherwise, consider saving your money on something less expensive that can deliver you the same results.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Lifetime warranty for Benchmade knife life
  • Durable lock-mechanism


  • Clip is single positioned

5. Ultra Accel Folding Hand Saw

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The Ultra Accel 240m Curve comes with a 9.5-inch blade with 6.4 teeth per inch. The blade is chrome plated and features a unique curve design.

The folding saw can cut through almost any type of wood effortlessly. With the unique curve design, the blade allows you to cut in different angles with ease, overall, expediting the efforts needed with your tasks.

The blade comes with a rubberized handle that also allows for an easy grip; It is comfortable and sturdy. Not a single blister has formed even after I have used the saw to cut firewood for a few hours straight with no gloves. That just shows how comfortable the grip on this device is.

The only downside is that it does feel quite heavy on the hand. The blade never bent when used but if it does, there are replacement blades that can be purchased. This is a high-quality product that cuts really well. This is a must buy for anyone!


  • Strong locking mechanism
  • Fits perfectly for any hand size
  • Very tacti-cool


  • Might feel light to some
  • Pocket clip needs to be tightened

6. FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw comes with a 7.7-inch blade. The blade has a razor teeth triple cut design made of stainless steel.

This folding hand saw has a rigged blade that is designed for garden use. The blade is sturdy and works well on softer wood as opposed to harder wood because the design of the teeth can get caught in wood.

With proper usage and getting accustomed to the blade, there will generally be no problems. The blade will not bend if used correctly and should ideally be used for wood no bigger than an inch in diameter. Improper usage can cause the blade to bend.

Otherwise, it will hold its shape and can last a long time. The locking system also allows the user to lock the blade at the closed/open/mid-way open-closed position. This is a survival saw made for the areas with heavy vegetation, it's heavy duty capabilities make it easy to slice through. 


  • Huge range of draw weights available
  • Bow itself is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great for bowfishing, too - especially the 60" option


  • Some users complained the limbs snapped after just a few uses.

7. MOSSY OAK Folding Hand Saw

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The MOSSY OAK Folding Hand Saw is 7.5 inches long and 0.9 mm thick. The saw comes with a sheath that has a compartment that can hold up to two blades. The carbon steel blade is rust-resistant. This product includes three blades with your purchase varying in different shapes and sizes.

The folding saw serves many purposes with its different blades. The blades can be used to cut wood, plastic, and metal. Blades can be used interchangeably and switching of the blades can be done with ease. The survival saw also features a secure lock and a thermoplastic rubber handle for a non-slip grip.

The blades are sharp, so the locking mechanism will provide the needed protection when in use. There were instances where the blade did not keep a straight line and swayed off to the side, creating an uneven finish.

However, that should not be a reason to stop you from trying it yourself; this in indeed a great folding saw for the price. This saw is worth the money especially with the extra multi-purpose blades included with your order.


  • Multi-functional knife
  • Four position pocket clip
  • Quick and smooth blade deployment
  • Anti-slip handle patterns


  • Some don't like the extra blade feature for quick deployment

8. Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Saw

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Saw comes with a 7.1-inch blade totaling 14.2 inches in length. The saw comes with two stainless steel blades. One is a double-blade (for wood) and the other is a fine-tooth blade (for bone). The weight of the saw is 8.7 oz.

The folding saw can cut wood and bone really well. The blades are exchangeable and switch out easily. The saw is light and compact and can be carried around with ease. Do not expect a smooth finish because the blades do not give precise control. Blade switching may be easy but opening and shutting the saw can be difficult.

However, after several uses, the saw began to loosen and it eventually became easier to open and shut. Also, cleaning the saw is fairly easy but it can be a challenge trying to get between the crevices. I would recommend this product to those who go hunting. The fine-tooth blade is great for cutting through bone. Also, those who would like to do trimming in their yard should consider buying this.


  • Takes just minutes to assemble
  • Bow looks great and is made of quality materials
  • Good for survival or fun


  • No string tool included, although you can add one on.

Buying Guide For Survival Folding Saws

Folding hand saws can be described as the middle ground of a saw and pocket knife. They can be used for bushcrafting, backpacking, hiking, pruning, and almost any survival setting. There are other optional saws such as a bow saw or pocket chainsaw.

Folding saws are a great tool due to their ability to cut through tough materials that a knife cannot, all while being compact and light weight. Finding the best survival folding saw will be easy, if you make sure you look out for these important features.

Blade Material

The most popular blade material is high carbon steel because of how strong and durable it makes the saw. It's going to allow you to cut through thick ropes and branches without losing it's shape and performance. 

Teeth Per Inch

TPI or teeth per inch is a way to calculate what type of material the saw can cut through. Saw blades with low TPI are great for cutting uneven edges at a fast pace. High TPI is great for slow and precise cuts, such as sheet metal.


The handle is half the folding saw, which means it's just as important as the blade. You want to have a handle that won't slip or fall out of hands during usage. Make sure it has a great locking mechanism to insure that it won't open in your backpack and accidentally cut yourself when you reach for it.

Replacement Blades

It's always better to buy a survival folding saw with replacement blades. The more the merrier, it's great for when your blade breaks or you don't have a sharpener around.

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Folding Saws

What is the best hand saw for cutting wood?

The best hand saw for cutting wood would depend on the material of your blade and teeth per inch. You want a low TPI which is great for cutting rough edges like branches.

I would go with a chain saw, if you are going to cut wood and small trees.

Can I cut metal with a hand saw?

You can cut metal with a hand saw if your blade has thin spaces between the teeth. Which means you want to find a saw with high TPI to cut through thin metals.

Is it worth sharpening a folding saw?

It is not worth sharpening a saw, which is why most survival folding saws are replace-able. It's not as easy as sharpening a knife, the teeth's make it difficult and time consuming.

Bottom Line

All these hand saws reviewed are my top 8 picks for the best survival folding saws on the market. Each product has its pros and cons but overall, the Ultra Accel 240m Curve tops them all.

The Ultra Accel 240m Curve is most worth the money despite it costing more than some of the other saws listed. I came to this conclusion with consideration to each of the saw’s overall performance. The Ultra Accel 240m Curve is the sturdiest of them all and required the most minimal effort to use.