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The original My Patriot Supply Company is all about leading the life of self-reliance and providing its consumers the very best of products to aid them towards preparedness. This company is a pioneer that channels confidence to its customers by providing A+ quality with impeccable customer service.


My Patriot Supply Reviews | Emergency Preparedness Supplies

The original My Patriot Supply Company is all about leading the life of self-reliance and providing emergency preppers and survivalist with reliable products to aid them towards the preparedness lifestyle.

This company is a pioneer that channels confidence to its customers by providing quality with impeccable customer service. Their selection of products for emergency situations is outstanding, as they include items you would hardly consider when SHTF.

Firstly, Patriot Supply Company leads by example, as it not only provides the means for self-reliance, it believes in and is well-acquainted with the challenges of living the lifestyle of preparedness.

The big difference between the Patriot Supply Company and its competitors is that they understand the hurdles and difficulties associated with being self-reliant.

They attempt to make the transition as easy as possible for their consumers, rather than scare them into buying random items. No, they offer the high quality products at affordable prices.

They gain customer loyalty with innovative products, unique designs, unfailing support, and loads of encouragement.

Why My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot Supply offers customers a unique and vast range of products. The products are divided into certain categories, and this makes browsing and shopping on the brand's website an easy experience. Here's what the brand has to offer:

Emergency Survival Food

It simply isn't possible to grab food when things start to go downhill, as we can tell from recent events. The best solution for sustenance during emergencies is to have an survival food kit on hand before SHTF.

Now, it wouldn't make sense to have food that rots easy. Well, the emergency survival food kit by Patriot Company has a shelf life of 25 years.

And, if that wasn't impressive enough, you should see the variety of meals available. There are soups, beans, protein meals with meat, noodles, vegetables, and even fruits. There are meals for vegetarians and gluten-tolerant meals.

It may be an emergency survival food, but it appears to be gourmet food considering the complexity of the meals. There are some tasty snacks to stock up on even when you're comfortable at home, that's how good some of them are.

Essential Survival Items

If you were to rake your brains about being prepared for an emergency, what do you suppose you would need? A tent, a flashlight, some match sticks, and a knife.

But they give you all that and tons more for the necessities you may need. Everything from an emergency solar flashlight/radio to snake bite kits, from waterproof matchsticks to disposable hand towels.

In fact, My Patriot Supply goes above and beyond to ensure that you are covered for any kind of emergencies. Thus, you'll even find blood clot powder, commando saw, camp ax, or solar heated camp showers. Most of their survival items listed has never even crossed my mind to store in a go-bag.

The list includes items for the circumstance you may imagine and many scenarios we know you may encounter in the wild but haven't thought of. However, the options for particular survival gears are low, since they rather cover the wide range of supplies.

Water Filtration

Food and clean drinking water are basics that you need to cover for any emergency. Now, you know that food isn't a problem. So, what about clean drinking water?

Well, we have that figured out as well. There are several options made available for you by My Patriot Supply Company. There are water filtration systems or the filtration bottle are an essential tool for situations where water is scarce.

They offer a variety of options that allow for clean drinking water, such as the germicidal tablets used to purify contaminated water. Which is perfect for taking the extra step to making sure your water is safe to consume.

Air Purification

And, if that wasn't going to prep you up for an emergency, then we've got you indoor air purification systems. Since there's no such thing as being over-prepared. Getting clean oxygen to your brain is important for you to stay focus and alert in order to tackle any dire situations that may rise.

The negative ion system used in these air purifiers clears up any toxic particles within air surrounding you. There's even a small reservoir within the purifier for some essential oils to provide you with some therapeutic air.

And, if these products aren't enough to get you hooked, they offer some pretty amazing deals too. After all, everyone should have an equal chance to make it through any emergency.

Most companies in this industry do not offer or even mention anything about air purification. This has never crossed my mind until My Patriot Supply, most people do not considered running out of clean air, but think about how useful this would be when SHTF. This company has thought of it all, big props for air purification.

My Patriot Supply

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Customer Convenience by Buy Now Pay Later Policy

My Patriot Supply provides financing. It means that you can buy and pay in easy installments from 0-30% APR* without having to worry about deferred interest or hidden fees.

And, no, this has no negative impact on your credit score. Also, there's an amazing military discount available too in support of troops that want reliable tools for the field.

My Patriot Supply Shipping and Delivery

There is free shipping available to all orders above $99 to the 48 contiguous United States. On occasion, there may be delays. However, these are usually during pandemics, national emergencies, national holidays, or natural disasters.

Shipping is available to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. However, delivery charges vary according to the weight of the package.


My Patriot Supply also has a convenient return policy. Customers are offered a 30-day return policy on unopened and unused products. Once the company receives the returned product, they return the amount you spent on purchasing the product. However, once the 30-day period lapses, so does the return policy offer.

Quality of Customer Support

You can easily call at the helpline if you have a question about a purchase or need to make a return. Professional assistance is available through the week and on a Saturday, from morning to evening. 

You can even email if you feel you need to give a detailed account of the problem you may be facing regarding your purchase. They will cater to your needs and get your product shipped to you in a timely fashion with quick and reliable responses.


  • Top-notch products are competitive prices
  • AMAZING high-quality options for emergency food kits
  • A vast array of outdoor gear and survival gear
  • Exceptional quality heirloom seeds
  • Special discounts and offers on ‘deal of the day’
  • Flexible buy not and pay later offer
  • Easy 30-day return policy
  • Offers trouble-free shipping via USPS
  • 25-year product assurance guarantee
  • Helpful customer support


  • Returns policy is based on a 30-day deadline
  • Returns are only accepted for unopened, unused products
  • Exchange policy only covers defective or damaged products

Bottom Line

My Patriot Supply offers high-quality products at unbeatable prices, and their website interface is extremely user-friendly. If you're on the lookout for outdoor gear or survival gear, it's certainly a brand worth visiting. It's impossible to ignore their large selection of delicious emergency food kits to pick from.

Apart from this, the website provides an open platform for customers to share their experiences, good or bad. The best part of My Patriot Supply is that the majority of votes go in favor of My Patriot Supply Company.

Such an extent of consumer loyalty speaks volumes about the quality of products and the service provided by the Patriot Supply Company. Don't just take my word for it, check it out yourself.